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Stickers and Magnets for sale!

Hello all! I need a little help getting to Further Confusion this year, so I'm taking pre-orders for a set of sticker and magnet designs I recently released. Originally I was going to wait until after Further Confusion, because I need all the supplies I have to make enough for my booth at the con. If you are going to to con, however, you can pick them up there! I will be at table 38 in the dealer's room, very close to the left entrance. =)

I will not be able to fill your order until after Further Confusion, so first week of February. But if you want them and aren't going to convention, call dibs on them now!

Click for large image
Elemental Animals

Individual 5" X 5" stickers - $5 each
Individual 5" X 5" magnets - $7 each
Full sticker set - $18
Full magnet set - $25

USA shipping - $2
International shipping - $4

Send me an email at wolfnymph@gmail.com with the following information:

1) your name and email address
2) your shipping address
3) which products you want
4) how many you want

My paypal address is the same email address as above, but if you want to send a check or a money order, I'll send you a mailing address for that. An important note about paypal! If you are using a card of any kind (debit or credit) through paypal, please add $3 to your payment to cover card fees! In the subject of your paypal payment email, include your name so I can sort out who can paid for what.

Once I get your payment and your order, I will send you a confirmation email to make sure I have the right person with the right stuff. So, order away if you want them! It's my hope that these pre-orders will help me pay for the hotel room for the convention. =)

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