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$8 commissions

X-posted, so I apologize if this shows up on your f-list four times.

Hey guys :]

I've still got Christmas bills to pay off and all that fun stuff, so my $8 commission thing is still running.

Details: One character full body, color, with a simple background. $8 (CAD). If you have something more complex in mind, email me and I'll be happy to give you an appropriate price :]

I'm relatively versatile with style, and am comfortable doing toony or more realistic work. I'm also happy to do a piece in traditional media, but shipping charges will be added to the final price if you want the hard copy.

(character (c) tygerwolfe)

(character (c) valdyrfenris)

You're welcome to email me character references if you want, or you can just leave links in a comment. I'm fine with drawing either anthro or feral form.

Payment can be sent via PayPal to KatMason(at)gmail(dot)com. That's also the address to email if you have any questions :]

Thanks! :D

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